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Two girls laughing and talking in a nicely decorated Opus Hall room

An Inside Look

Explore student life in Catholic ɫֱ residence halls

At CatholicU, your residence hall is key to getting the most out of your student experience. It's more than just a place to live. It's a place to learn, grow, and form lifelong friendships. Here, you can take an inside look at CatholicU's residence life, visit student rooms, get your housing questions answered, and preview daily life as a Cardinal.

Look Inside Our Residence Halls

Ever wonder what your residence hall at CatholicU could look like? Explore the possibilities.

Gibbons Hall's gray stone exterior

Sneak a Peek

The everyday aspects of living in a college residence hall are minor, but important parts of your residential experience. Sneak a peek at what those tasks look like for Catholic ɫֱ students on a day-to-day basis.

Male student pouring pasta into a pan as he cooks in the Opus Hall common kitchen

Many students use the residence halls' common kitchens to prepare daily meals. CatholicU's apartment style residence halls also include kitchens in the rooms.

A male and female student do homework at a table in the McDonald House lounge

Residence halls are often favorite spots for studying with friends.

Residents of Millennium North put their laundry in the residence hall's washing machines in its communal laundry room

With several washers and dryers in each residence hall, doing laundry can be a breeze.

student swiping into his residence hall using his Cardinal Card

Students swipe into their residence halls each time they enter to ensure the safety of other residents.

Students serve their friends pie in Opus Hall' common kitchen

Friends love sharing meals in resident hall common spaces, which provide kitchens and plenty of seating.

Three girls talk in the living room of their Opus Hall apartment

After class, roommates will often unwind together in the cozy living rooms of their apartment-style residences.

Common Questions, At a Glance

What furniture comes in a student room?

A standard room contains an extra-long twin size bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, and wardrobe or closet, and one ethernet connection per person. One cable connection is provided per bedroom except in Millennium North and South where one cable connection per suite or apartment is provided. Beds can be lofted to stand 30" high, so that storage containers, including most dressers, may be stored underneath. Apartments may have additional furniture for use in the shared space, as appropriate. 

Am I required to live on campus?

Catholic ɫֱ recognizes the benefits on-campus living has to offer to our students in terms of academic success, personal development, and involvement within the campus community. As such, Catholic ɫֱ requires all freshman, sophomore, and junior year students to live in on-campus housing. 

Are residence halls co-ed?

No, undergraduate students at Catholic ɫֱ live in single sex residence halls. Coupled with programs directed toward students' personal, spiritual, and moral development, single sex housing fosters an environment of virtuous living consistent with the Catholic intellectual tradition.

How much does it cost to live on campus? 

2022-2023 Undergraduate : $16,670

You can find information about room types and rates .
Information about ɫֱ dining plans and costs is available on the .

5 Tips for Residence Life

Want some insights on what it's really like to live at CatholicU? Check out these tips from current students for successful residence life. 

1. You Don't Need As Much As You Think. 

You will most likely have less space in your college room than you do at home, you will probably be sharing your room, and you have limited space in suitcases and boxes to transport all your belongings. Before move-in, do a serious wardrobe clean-out (but don’t forget to bring some business clothes for possible interviews or fancy dinners). As much as possible, stick to .

2. Say Yes.

At the beginning of your freshman year, you cannot afford to close yourself off from opportunities. Say yes to the that get you out of your room. Say yes to the rich faith life Catholic ɫֱ offers. Say yes to invitations to join people for lunch or to . You might not remember everyone you talk to, but you never know where you might meet your future best friend, or even significant other. If only you say yes. 

3. Remember, You're Going to College, Not the Wilderness.

Catholic ɫֱ is in a metropolitan city, in which you will have access to which sell whatever you need for residence hall life. You're just a metro ride away from all that DC has to offer. Perhaps even the Pryz Market, the convenience store on campus, or other have what you are looking for. 

4. Consider Lofting your Bed

Lofting your bed higher off the ground can be surprisingly practical. It gives you extra storage space for boxes, laundry baskets, and more. If lofted on the highest setting, even the dresser that comes with your room fits right underneath.

5. Find a Routine.

Designate time each day or week for activities like prayer, studying, service, fun events, and exercising, apart from your other responsibilities. For example, set aside each morning for a quick workout at the and each Thursday night for . Incorporate important activities into your routine early on so that they become normal for you. 

a student and her mother carry a basket together as they move into a freshman dorm


Four students talking and smiling in a dorm living room.


students smiling as they sit in a circle on the basilica lawn 

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A Day in the Life of Catholic ɫֱ

A Day in the Life of Catholic ɫֱ

A team of photographers and videographers fanned out across campus and Washington, D.C., to chronicle a day in the life of Catholic ɫֱ. Working from before sunrise to long after sunset, the team captured the student experience from every angle. This is CatholicU.

Housing Services

Housing Services

The Office of Housing Services provides and manages residential living environments within well-maintained, safe, and modern multi-use facilities that are responsive to the changing needs of students.

Discover D.C. with CatholicU

Discover D.C. with CatholicU

Washington, D.C., is a city of politics, parades, festivals, museums (did we mention most of them are free?), professional sports, theatres, concerts, shopping, parks, restaurants, monuments, waterways, and trendy neighborhoods.

Discover D.C.


Interested in living off campus? Catholic ɫֱ's surrounding community offers you plenty of opportunities to do so.